We as human beings dislike change. We resist it. We do not like it. We long for a time when things were like they used to be. We get mad about it. We even miss our current blessings – because we are wishing for an older previous time.

Underneath this dislike and resistance is fear. Fear tells us change is bad. Fear tells us change is wrong. Fear tells us: DANGER.

But the truth is human beings are incredibly resilient. The truth is we are adaptable. The truth is we were created to evolve into change and to adapt to our surroundings. The fear is we won’t adapt – and we might die.

The world around us is always changing. Our bodies are changing, renewing, growing new cells continuously. If we stop growing new cells we get sick – and die. Our relationships need to continuously grow – adapt – and change for our relationships can get stagnant and die as well.

Embracing change and looking for the blessings in the change or what’s going to keep us mentally healthy. We can miss what’s right in front of my face – because were looking beyond our current situations – and longing for a time that is done.

You have a choice; things are going to change whether you like it or not. You have a choice in being miserable about it, or looking for the good. And living, appreciating all the wonderful things we have in our lives.

You can handle it. We as human species will survive. All is well. ?