This Is Where the True Test Comes

You all will face difficulty – This is where the true test comes – was this a class you just took once? Or are you going to fight for what you learned and what is true?

Even when it’s hard – and you have really good reason to be angry or sad – or once again are you going give up your power? Are you going to give away what you fought so hard for? And go back to your old life?

Everyone of you will face this – when your walls are screaming and trying so hard to protect you – feeling pain or feeling anger DOES NOT KILL YOU! – it actually makes you stronger – don’t back away from it – feel it and move through it – the only way out is through.

Going back to your old life will kill you – it will kill your spirit – it will kill your drive – it will kill your joy – GIVE YOURSELF A YOU LIVE VOTE! ?