The Best Things in Life

“Motivation and Encouragement” Podcast Episode 16: I Almost Died! (The Best Things In Life Are Not THINGS)

“On December 6th , I almost died. I mean, if I didn’t get to a hospital, I could have died, in terrible pain, at home, never knowing what was actually happening inside me.”

– Athena Basham

It’s human nature to take things for granted. You get comfortable and things continue on. You think things will never change…

But your situation could change at any time. When s**t gets real, you don’t think about your possessions. You don’t think about your “things”.

This podcast is about what really matters in life. Sometimes you have to be reminded about what is really important and dear in life. Oh, and yes, Athena tells the story about exactly what happened to her on December 6, 2016.

Recorded December 21, 2016

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