Sex and Dating in 2017

“Motivation and Encouragement” Podcast Episode 21: Sex and Dating in 2017

The internet has made meeting people to date easier than it’s ever been. Whether you’re looking for a lifetime relationship or something more casual, just open an app or sign into a website and a world of potential partners is waiting to be explored.

But with all this technology at our disposal, why is dating still so confusing? Why do we find ourselves so often left with disappointment and hurt feelings? Are we doing something wrong?

In this episode, Athena and Debbi guide you through the pitfalls of modern dating, bringing a woman’s point of view to issues that every single person faces, including:

  • Deciding how soon to have sex
  • Dating vs. hooking up: knowing what you want
  • Strategies for not getting your feelings hurt
  • Dealing with beliefs about sex we learned growing up
  • How men and women react to sex and dating differently
  • Things that make a man want to stick around – or not
  • Being honest with yourself vs. judging yourself

This episode will give you some of the tools you need to make dating more fun, more fulfilling, and more true to your own needs and values.

Note: This episode deals with mature subject matter that may not be suitable for young children.

Recorded February 24, 2017

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