If You Never Give Up 2
A Q&A ABOUT FINDING LOVE FOR WOMEN OVER 40, DEBBI’S LIFE CHANGING PERSONAL GROWTH SEMINARS AND ATHENA’S SYSTEM FOR FINDING A GOOD MAN Athena and Debbi ask each other questions about dating and relationships, since they both have experience dating and getting married after the age of forty. Debbi and Athena talk about what methods they used to meet and date single guys. Athena starts asking questions her coworkers submitted, but only asks one before she gets sidetracked. (More Q&A’s to come!)

“Motivation and Encouragement” Podcast Episode 11: If You Never Give Up, You Never Fail

Comparing Yourself to Others
It’s your life, not someone else’s life. Only you know what is best for you. It’s exhausting because you can’t please everyone. Stop worrying about what other people think, because you can’t control it. Life is too short to be concerned about other people’s opinions. You can’t do anything about what other people think about you. It will keep you […]

“Motivation and Encouragement” Podcast Episode 6: 7 Reasons Why You Cannot Compare Yourself or Your Work to Others