Certified Life Coach* & Behavioral Therapist

What would be Possible if your Heart was Healed?


What if you were able to heal the negative energy you have with your family?

So, there is only room for LOVE?



What if you could have a loving, connected, romantic relationship? No longer feeling lonely with your partner right next to you!

Stress Management

What if you woke up everyday confident and HAPPY? No second guessing your decisions. Peaceful and relaxed, able to handle the stress of the day with ease


What if you could create that business you’ve been dreaming about? And to actually make an abundant living while living your purpose.

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What is The Process Like?

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1. What should I expect going through the program?

You can expect Emotional Healing – to put to rest those old resentments, trauma’s and drama that currently hijack your thoughts.

2. Can I be fixed?

You are NOT broken, and I am NOT fixing you. You are attending because you want more than you currently have.

3. How do I find my passion when I don’t feel any?

A lot of us shut off our feelings because we were made wrong for having them. Or the feelings were overwhelming. You will learn how to process through those feelings. And gain coping skills to help you manage your emotions.

4. “Do you coach on the phone, in person, or via email?”

I am available for individual sessions for those people signed up for C2G or for graduates.

5. Do you give homework?

Some parts of C2G do have homework. In your writing, you will answer probing questions that allow your true feelings to come forward so we can have breakthroughs.

Three Part Seminar Series

The 3 part seminar series is designed for people who are well. For those who are searching for enhancement and improvement. People who are ready to learn new skills to live a happier, more FULFILLED LIFE.

The Basic Course

  • Unconscious Walls
  • Defensive Walls
  • Attack Walls
  • Control Drama’s
  • Love Languages
  • 5 Points of Power
  • Parenting Skills
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Basic is taught in 4 Evening Sessions.

Debbi Sinclair has been a teacher and community leader for over 35 years. She specializes in emotional healing and management skills necessary to help people create the life they deserve.

Committed2Growth is a three part series designed release your personal power in a safe, confidential environment.

Please see calendar for upcoming dates.

The Advanced Course

  • How You Sabotage Yourself
  • How Others Sabotage Us
  • Believing You Are Worth It
  • Judgements vs. Feelings
  • Controlling Negative Self Talk
  • Clear Communication
  • Remembering How To Dream
  • New Decisions
  • Speaking The Truth
  • What Integrity Is
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Advanced is the second part of the series, after your basic seminar is completed! It is conducted in a safe and powerful enviroment. You will release your personal power through truly empowering experiences.

Above are just a few things you will learn in this series.

Basic is a Prerequisite.


  • Believing in your WORTH Trusting your INSIGHT
  • NURTURING yourself
  • Having a GOAL and devising A personal STRATEGY
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W.I.N.G.S. is a 5 to 6 week course where you will discover YOUR purpose in life.  Move through the limitations that hold you back, so you can live the POWERFUL life you deserve.

Please note that completing the Basic and Advanced seminars are prerequisites to attending the W.I.N.G.S. program.

MASTER CLASS – (Continuing Education)

  • Is a Powerful one month Seminar
  • It is for Wings Grads Only
  • This class continues grads on their growth path
  • February 2020 class focus was on LOVE
    • How to love ourselves better?
    • How to love our families better?
    • How to love our community better?
    • How to love our planet better?

Next Master Class is scheduled for September 2020

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start the process of Healing your Heart Today!